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Hi! I'm Mariah! I'm 22 and a college student on a budget. I absolutely love fashion, hair, and makeup. This is just a little bit of everything, and some tip and tricks that make being a girl easier!


Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind. I'm making it my summer goal to update this page regularly. Mostly because I haven't got much else to do! I just wanted to update you guys to tell you that more content is coming! If you have any suggestions, or things you definitely want to hear about, shoot me a message! I wanna hear back from you!

Until tomorrow
- M

Summer Recap

So I realized I didn't post on here as much as I wanted to this summer. So here's a summer recap of some of my favorite outfits :)
Dress, Long Fake Pearls, Tights, Tall Socks, Combat Boots.

I just took a white pinstriped button up shirt, cut it into a tank, and wore it under my denim shirt. Paired with some high waisted shorts, and a red & white flower to clip in.

Super Simple Tuck. 
- Tease hair at crown
-Put on headband (the kind that wraps all the way around).
- Tuck hair in bottom of headband.
-Bobby pin as necessary. 

Nothing like some beachy waves with an empire waist top :)

Can't forget the traditional low pony.
Easy elegance: twist a section of the bottom pony around the elastic and pin.

First Post!

Hey everyone!
So I've had a few people tell me that I should start a fashion blog, so I figured what have I got to lose!
I apologize for the terrible quality of these first few pictures. I'll have to find someone willing to take a picture for me from now on :P

This outfit is from a while back in the fall. I picked up the hat from Target for $7. The cardi from Walmart forever ago for $3. The dress was from Hot Topic, and I ended up paying about $12 for that. Paired with some tights and booties!

This is one of my favorites, a light denim button down paired with dark jeggings. They look great with almost any kind of shoes! Slap on a bunch of bracelets and you're golden! I got my top from Forever 21 (it's super lightweight so I can wear it all summer!). I actually paid full price for this one (which is really out of character). But it was still only like $17, and I wear it all the flippin time, so it was well worth the investment! The jeggings were from American Eagle and were on sale for $15 :)

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