Thursday, December 10, 2015

2015 RECAP


Every December I'm always amazed at how fast the year goes by. It's like "Holy crap, what have I done all year?".  But then you slowly start to realize that you aren't (at least I hope) a piece of shit human being and you've been even the tiniest bit successful the past year - seriously like even once is acceptable. (Side note: please keep in mind that success is relative. It changes. There is no right answer for defining success - especially if it brings you happiness). It's kind of crazy about how day-to-day we take for granted how fast life is changing. I honestly thought I didn't really do anything this past year - holy smokes am I wrong. Here's  recap of 2015.


  • Rang in the New Year with my old roomie, her boyfriend, their best friend, my boyfriend, and my best friend. 

Our faces when we realized this was our last New Years all together.

  • Best friend LEAVES US and moves to California to pursue his music dreams (he knows I'm kidding, don't worry).
  • Spring semester starts
  • I pledged Delta Zeta!
Lil 'ol me with my pledge pin!

  • Spring break with the boy visiting my mom and her boyfriend in Washington.
My bf loves this picture, even though I'm crazy sea sick.

  • I was officially initiated into Delta Zeta!
  • My boyfriend turned 22!
The day we passed our national exam!

Birthday Boy!

MAY - if you live in a college town, you know this is a big time of changes
  • Our sorority said goodbye to our old house!
  • FIJI and DZ formals
  • Last shindig with the roomie


  • Move into new house with the boyfriend
  • Workin' all day err day.
  • 4th of July on the lake with the bf and his fam.
  • I turned 24!!
  • I went blonde!
  • I quit my job!
  • Grandparent's 50th anniversary!

  • Reunion barbecues galore!
  • Formal Recruitment Preparation
  • I chopped off my hair!
  • Fall semester begins!
  • Formal recruitment!
  • BID DAY! - Got my Pearl Sister!

  • Zombie Crawl! - with the bf, his brother & his dad!
  • Halloween the bf was too sick to go out, so we got dressed up and got 1/2 off Chipotle!

We can't take a normal picture lmao.
Isn't she the cutest?

  • Most of my month was spent inside because of problems with anxiety. BUT I asked for help, and I'm doing much better! Seriously, we all love you, if you need help don't hesitate for a second to ask.
  • I joined Younique -  if you want AMAZING makeup check out my website ;)

LOVE this makeup! If you haven't tried it yet, you seriously need to!

  • My aunt got married! I was a bridesmaid, and the bf was an usher :)

Up & coming:
  • FINALS - ugh, don't remind me.
  • My boyfriend graduates!!
  • First Christmas at the bf's family's
  • A LONGGG break.
    • writing?
    • filming?
    • who knows!

Wow, and those were just the highlights.  Like I said, it doesn't seem like that much is changing. But holy cow.  What are you goals for the new year?

Friday, September 4, 2015

SO much change!

Holy cannoli! I can't even believe how long it's been since I've posted on here! 
You never really think about how much is changing, and then one day it's 2 years later and you have this idea to start a blog. Oh wait, I already did. Well, I've finally decided to try and connect with my creativity a little more (thank you art class).  Before I jump in to changing and posting everything I figured I should do a little recap from the last 2 years because SO much has happened, and I want you guys to get to know me - if you want. 

READER BEWARE [I'm totally kidding]:

2013: I was living with my parents, because the year before I had lived in Ohio and went to cosmetology school #beautyschooldropout (yes, I moved for a boy - yes, it ended). Fortunately I met this really amazing group of friends (I had forgotten how to make friends, but I guess it worked!) and honestly, they changed my life around looking back. Plus, one of them thought I was cute, and ended up asking me out in June!

2014: Essentially lived at my boyfriend's house (which was also a frat house..) while we were dating, but technically I still lived with my parents until I moved out to a cute little apartment, which was coincidentally essentially the same layout as my last apartment in Ohio. Despite finding a random roommate on Craigslist I went with my gut feeling. Which turned out to be the best decision ever. I enrolled back in school, which started right after moving in and decided to major in Advertising, and thankfully they had just made an art minor - which was perfect #arteducationdropout . Honestly, I loved it! My roommate turned out to be the best roommate and friend I could ask for. Her boyfriend was almost always there and he's pretty awesome too :) It was also perfect because I still stayed with my boyfriend most of the time (much closer to campus). We ended up renting a house together after that lease ended. But perhaps the biggest event that happened this year: I joined a sorority! Honestly, I didn't peg myself as a sorority girl, but they stand for some really great things (like scholarship, academics, sisterhood, philanthropy etc.) and to my surprise I love it! It really forces me to get out - which is good because I have terrible social anxiety with large groups of people. But the best is the friendships, and character building. They make you feel good about yourself!

2015: My boyfriend and I finally got an apartment together, and it's soo nice living with him! It's finally the start of senior year and here I am. 18 credit fall semester, 16 credit spring semester - plus all those sorority events! I started out the semester with a sinus infection, so I'm trying not to start those bad habits of napping between classes and focus them with more creative activities - so here I am! Honestly in those 2 years since I've started this, I'm a totally different person. I can honestly say I love who and where I am, and that's a great feeling. I'm quirky, and polite, and super sweet. If you all have any questions, feedback, comments - anything feel free to contact me :)

Here's my big and I during Big Little Reveal!
I love her to pieces! 

This was us during our fall picnic!

This is me now - not even a week later from the last picture.
Honestly, chopping your hair off feels like you're a whole new person.
Besides short hair suits me so much better, I think anyway.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hey everyone!
I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind. I'm making it my summer goal to update this page regularly. Mostly because I haven't got much else to do! I just wanted to update you guys to tell you that more content is coming! If you have any suggestions, or things you definitely want to hear about, shoot me a message! I wanna hear back from you!

Until tomorrow
- M

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Recap

So I realized I didn't post on here as much as I wanted to this summer. So here's a summer recap of some of my favorite outfits :)
Dress, Long Fake Pearls, Tights, Tall Socks, Combat Boots.

I just took a white pinstriped button up shirt, cut it into a tank, and wore it under my denim shirt. Paired with some high waisted shorts, and a red & white flower to clip in.

Super Simple Tuck. 
- Tease hair at crown
-Put on headband (the kind that wraps all the way around).
- Tuck hair in bottom of headband.
-Bobby pin as necessary. 

Nothing like some beachy waves with an empire waist top :)

Can't forget the traditional low pony.
Easy elegance: twist a section of the bottom pony around the elastic and pin.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Post!

Hey everyone!
So I've had a few people tell me that I should start a fashion blog, so I figured what have I got to lose!
I apologize for the terrible quality of these first few pictures. I'll have to find someone willing to take a picture for me from now on :P

This outfit is from a while back in the fall. I picked up the hat from Target for $7. The cardi from Walmart forever ago for $3. The dress was from Hot Topic, and I ended up paying about $12 for that. Paired with some tights and booties!

This is one of my favorites, a light denim button down paired with dark jeggings. They look great with almost any kind of shoes! Slap on a bunch of bracelets and you're golden! I got my top from Forever 21 (it's super lightweight so I can wear it all summer!). I actually paid full price for this one (which is really out of character). But it was still only like $17, and I wear it all the flippin time, so it was well worth the investment! The jeggings were from American Eagle and were on sale for $15 :)
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